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Welcome to Spondeo! We are an “Experiential Travel” company who regard travel as a journey, not just a destination. Experiential Travel is about immersing yourself in a region, connecting to the history, culture, people and the natural environment. By choosing Spondeo, you choose to take the path less travelled, to visit unique places that only extensive research and personal experience can uncover. Being an advocate of sustainable travel, we support locally owned and operated service providers, travel only in small groups and vary our itineraries. This means your unique travel experience will  provide economic benefits to local people while minimising your impact on the destinations you visit.

We Offer…

Unique opportunities to discover a region and experience the local way of life

Personalized travel planning – let us deal with the logistical headaches

Tailored journeys that are enriching and unforgettable

Individual and small group itineraries

You Will…

Help preserve unique cultures and heritage

Have an unforgettable, authentic and unique travel experience

Avoid the pitfalls of mass-tourism and feel like the first person to visit

Enjoy hassle free transfers, guaranteed departures, and personally chosen accommodation

Our tour concepts & experiences.

What travellers say about Spondeo.


"...definitely had the "Wow" factor!"

"...sometimes you have to slow down, take the road less travelled and really appreciate a place. Cannot recommend Spondeo highly enough"

"...going to local markets and heading to places off the normal tourist tracks, we thoroughly enjoyed the tour and would love to do it again. Unforgettable."

“Immerse yourself, be a traveller, not a tourist.”


“Being avid travellers ourselves, we were always looking to experience the cultural heart of a region. Time and again we would follow online advice only to find “that special local place” full of tourists clutching a lonely planet guide. Over time we saw these “unique” destinations destroyed by the very people who wanted to “discover” them. Wanting to help halt this trend, we looked for alternatives – but how to solve the conundrum of promoting a destination without damaging the things that make it special?

Spondeo is a different type of travel company. With Spondeo, the focus is on the experience, not just the destination. Whether it’s sailing into the Indonesian archipelago on a traditional pinisi or riding across the Alps on the latest Ducati, we utilize a number of key principals to create travel experiences that never disappoint!

Every trip is unique, our small groups are flexible meaning we can cater for all paces, comfort & leisure. All service providers are small, owner operators ensuring personalized service. We have gone to great lengths scouting all possible routes, points of interest and utilizing the best available local people to bring you a truly unforgettable experience – every time!”

Let yourself be inspired by Spondeo.

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