Who’s behind Spondeo?

“As long as I can remember, I’ve always had a flair for exploring… wanting to know what was over the next hill or around the next corner. As I grew older, I was often inspired by watching documentaries of exotic destination and reading adventure travel articles in magazines. Most of these involved exploring a city and visiting amazing “hidden” places – all without long lines! Or having authentic local experiences that you just can’t find in a guidebook. But how to find those places? The reality for me at first was that even though I started to travel more, I never had those type of experiences.


Fast forward a few years and I was lucky to have found work that allowed me to travel and live in a number of countries. During this time I realised that it was the small unplanned things that make travel memorable – like the wonderful family owed restaurant at the end of the street, kids pointing and giggling because they had never seen a western person before or taking a local bus to the next village that turned into one of the most scenic trips imaginable across the Columbian Andes. By focusing on “the top 10 sites” or trying to get that perfect travel photo, I was completely missing the best part of travel – the experiences.”


“Having never been a fan of “follow the umbrella” type package holidays, I have been seeking alternative “off the path” type travel options as long as I can remember. These proved harder to find than I thought. Even backpacking through obscure countries, I still ran into tourists …. following the “trip advisor” trail to “hidden” hot spots. Taking a different approach entirely, I started combining travel with my other dream – volunteering in remote regions. This allowed me to connect with the locals on a different level, sharing their daily lives and social interactions. Suddenly I realised this was the type of experience I had been looking for all along.


The end result was I learned how to become a traveller, really experiencing the places I was in, and not just being a tourist. This led to the creation of “Montenegro Eco Adventures”, our first company promoting sustainable tourism in Montenegro. With its success, we were overwhelmed with support and enquiries on how many other destination we could recommend. Thus, Spondeo was created. Our goal is to promote sustainable tourism by scouting out unique travel destinations, working with local people to ensure low impact, responsible service delivery and combining it all to provide a remarkable experiences to our select guests.”


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