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Evado offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life, riding through some of the most diverse and picturesque regions of Europe – by motorbike! We take smaller, personally scouted roads, stay in local villages and enjoy the finest regional food and beverages. This is by far the best way to experience Europe!

We provide a range of bike options and a variety of routes to cater for all ages and skill levels – from technically challenging to relaxed open road.

With a mix of touring and motorsports, we can put you trackside at some of the biggest motorbike race events in Europe. Drop us a line for the latest itineraries!

Good mix of open road and twisty mountain passes with regular stops at points of interest

Tailor made tours for groups or join one of our planned trips (see below for details)

Yearly tours to Isle of Man for the classic TT Races – a “Must Do” bucket list race for bike enthusiasts!

Experience some of the best motorbike roads in the world

We cater for all levels of expertise

What our bikers think about Evado?

“After doing several motorcycle tours around the world, this is by far the best one I’ve done. What made it so good was the attention to detail that so many other tours lack. So much time was spent choosing accommodation, choosing the best routes, choosing the best bikes to suit the riders abilities. We covered just the right amount of distance everyday – some days the views were so spectacular that you needed to take just a bit longer than other days. Nothing was hurried – even with 8 guys, although if you felt the need to ‘get going’ on wide open roads, you could leap ahead knowing that the others would always catch up at the next stop, which our guide had prearranged.

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Scott, our guide was brilliant. His knowledge of the countries, their background, their customs, their food especially the local beverages, was outstanding. The accommodation suited the places we stayed at. This was a tour that went way off the typical beaten tourist path.  At times we would approach an intersection with 4 roads to exit from, one of the roads would be a small one leading off into the unknown – guess which one we always took !! It was by far the best way to see the real countryside with chooks, farms, vineyards and incredible scenery – villages with locals that wave to you. You just wouldn’t get to see these places any other way. The good times and great photos leave wonderful memories. Very highly recommended !!”

– Andrew, Australia

“Most memorable Motorcycle trip I’ve ever taken! First off, Scott and the staff at Spondeo were incredibly professional and thoughtful. Scott went out of his way to ensure we had the most memorable trip. He took painstaking time to program an excellent tour from Amsterdam to Isle of Man and then France (Nice) to Italy, to Switzerland and back to Nice – the most epic trip I could ever have imagined! Every hour and every day brought new, and awe inspiring scenery and we got to sample local culture and food. I actually got separated from the pack and got lost, but the detailed directions issued to us, helped me catch up again. I look forward to coming back and doing it all again!”

– Shane, New Zealand


Born of our love for motorbikes, this tour covers it all … from the last “real road race” – the Isle of Man TT – to experiencing some of the most spectacular riding roads in Europe. As one of our top personal bucket list destinations, we spent 2 years planning the initial trip. It so exceeded our expectations that we knew we had to share it!

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Since that first foray, we have worked to continually improved it – by exploring alternate mountain routes, testing other accommodation options and checking out new points of interest. The result speaks for itself – For the TT we have secured one of the prime camping spots – right on the TT course. We have traversed the island and found the best vantage points for the bikes, amazing historic sites, fresh local food and warm friendly Ale Houses. The bike tour follows the path of the alps through Italy, Switzerland and France. The route is flexible according to the weather forecast (storms are frequent at this time of year so we monitor and avoid them as best we can) and offers a diverse range of riding experiences from open plains to tight mountain switchbacks. Accommodation is locally owned & operated “boutique” hotels, in a mix of small to medium size towns and villages – all uniquely eco. This is without doubt, the only way to experience the enormity of the alps while experiencing all the sights, sounds and smells of this amazing part of Europe.

Hit the road with us.

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Evado is a flexible concept that can take multiple shapes


Isle of Man TT Race + Bike Tour

Couples Bike Getaway

German and Dutch Grand Prix

Tailor-made Motorbike Tours


 2 to 8 people

 2 to 8 people

 2 to 8 people

 2 to 10 people



1st June – 18th June 2020

September 2020

From 21st June – 28th June 2020

From May to October



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