Looking for truly deserted sandy beaches?


Amazing local food with endless unspoiled views?


Rare fauna and fauna?


Disconnect with your busy lifestyle and let us provide the ultimate escape!

Let us take you to a place so close yet so far you will not believe it has remained a secret for so long. With crystal clear water, endless unspoiled coastline and small villages backed by jungle clad mountains, this is truly a paradise waiting to be discovered. Our package includes transfers from Bali, most meals and a choice of activities so you can get the most out of this wilderness adventure. Come and share our secret!

Discover our island escape where tourists rarely set foot!


Sumbawa, with its towering mountains and inaccessible jungle has been by-passed for centuries by Indonesians and colonial powers alike. Having been lucky enough to be posted here for 3 years, I fell in love with its raw, unspoiled beauty. Over time, I took every opportunity to explore the coastline, rivers and interior, finding some truly amazing spots that we can now finally share. Your hosts will provide you with gorgeous beachfront accommodation, mouth-watering local dishes and a choice of day activities included in the price.

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